Our founders, George Kefalas and Michael Ariti, bring together decades of experience in financial, investment, and business strategy to offer our clients unparalleled advice and strategic solutions.
Their diverse backgrounds, from leading financial institutions to advising multinational corporations, underscore Elwood Advisors’ commitment to delivering tailored, impactful consultancy.

George Kefalas


George’s journey through the financial and advisory sectors has been marked by a deliberate and insightful approach to navigating its complexities. Starting in the late ’90s with Investec Asset Management, George’s initial role as a Risk Analyst laid the groundwork for his future, offering him a foundational perspective on market volatility and risk management. His subsequent positions at Aviva Investments and BlackRock deepened his knowledge and strategic capabilities, allowing him to significantly impact these firms’ financial strategies.

Transitioning to an independent consultant marked a pivotal moment for George, broadening his expertise into areas of business strategy and stakeholder engagement. It was here that the concept for our firm began to crystallise.

Elwood Advisors’ establishment was a natural progression of George’s career, embodying his commitment to excellence, collaboration, and innovation. At Elwood Advisors, George leverages his extensive experience to guide clients through business complexities, driven by a philosophy that combines rigorous analytical prowess with a deep understanding of market dynamics.

George’s journey is a testament to the power of experience, the value of strategic insight, and the importance of adaptability in an ever-evolving business landscape. His leadership at Elwood Advisors is not merely about navigating the present but shaping the future of clients’ ventures, ensuring that the firm remains at the forefront of strategic advisory.

Michael Ariti


Michael Ariti’s partnership in founding Elwood Advisors marks a pivotal chapter in his career. With a background in strategic business solutions, Michael’s expertise is deeply rooted in his experiences at PwC Advisory Services and Morgan Stanley, where he mastered the art of navigating complex business landscapes and providing actionable insights to a diverse clientele.

At Morgan Stanley in San Francisco, Michael’s analytical skills flourished as he supported deal origination and executed in-depth market analyses, contributing to several successful mergers and acquisitions. Transitioning to PwC in London, Michael broadened his advisory capabilities, engaging with clients to tailor strategies that aligned with their unique objectives. It was here that Michael’s commitment to fostering strong client relationships and delivering results-oriented guidance was solidified, earning him a reputation for excellence in the consulting sphere.

The inception of Elwood Advisors emerged from a strategic vision shared with Kefalas, identifying a niche for a consultancy that leveraged their combined insights, experiences and a commitment to clarity, efficiency, and impact. At Elwood Advisors, Michael continues to apply his expertise in strategy, analysis, and market dynamics to guide the firm and its clients through the challenges and opportunities of today’s business environment.